Mark your steps in life like walking on sand, does not hear his voice, but its impact is clear.

The chaos of modern life sweeps us every day, we need to practice activities that allow us to recover the energy flow from within without difficulties. Veneto Men Salon Abu Dhabi helps in achieving that since we are professionals and we are able to build up enough energy required by each and every one of us. Always strive to reach the highest standards; Veneto Men Salon Abu Dhabi captures the essence, elegance and energy. You will definitely realize the inner beauty and regain relaxation of the mind and the soul connecting your body.

Our Services

Skin Treatment

Skin Treatment

Restore vitality and youth!

Veneto Male Salon Abu Dhabi has the expertise to diagnose and interpret the requirements of each face. Furthermore, it provides expert tips for delicate and careful cleaning of the skin.

This is crucial to minimize the environmental pollutions that we are exposed to daily, and the genetic factors caused using special devices which specifically infects your skin. Your skin will regain life and balance



There are various massage styles at Veneto Men Salon Abu dhabi. The contemporary salon provides special places which are completely isolated from noise.

Along with quiet romantic Music which enables creating the right atmosphere to relax and clear your mind.

The traditional and distinctive method of massage is the control and pressure on the body and muscles in a certain way to revitalize and stimulate blood circulation.

By the use of illustrating images and several different ways as well as the distinctive use of several kinds of oils and moisturizers to massage the body, as well as warm volcanic stones and other tools to help removing and easing the pain and spreading fragrant in your life.

Moroccan Bath

Moroccan Bath

Veneto Spa for Men specializes for the first time in Moroccan Bath in Abu Dhabi, with authentic Moroccan bath which provides you with purity and cleanliness and renewal of your body skin along with deep clean, all that is brought to you by specialized hands in this field.

Our Salon for Moroccan Bath in Abu Dhabi provides spacious bathrooms with complete privacy and places to relax and change your garments.

The option is yours to use the bed inside the bathrooms or the other available methods.

We are proud to be leaders in the field of Moroccan Bath in Abu Dhabi; we grant your appreciation for our experience.

Nails & Foot Care

Nails & Foot Care

Veneto Men Salon Abu Dhabi provides the right place and the right specialists for this job.

Trimming nail and removing skin appendages by using appropriate and sterilized tools to serve you with maximum safety.

And develop Fattening that helps you to maintain a luster hygiene look and decent appearance.



Veneto Abu Dhabi Spa for Men for men is proud to be the leader in its field, offering supreme privacy.

Private rooms for shaving equipped with TV provided with hospitality and high-quality specialized hands to determine hair and chin calibration apart from creating shapes that befits Abu Dhabi Spa for Men art theme embodied with high-skilled staff.

We have excellent types of pigments that do not cause any allergic reactions.
At Veneto Men Salon Abu Dhabi you live up to the latest and modern hair styles. We grant you a variety of skilled and talented barbers which advise you of how to reach your handsome appearance.


Massage VIP Normal Duration
Thai Massage 300 150 60 mins
Hot Stone Massage 300 150 60 mins
Oil Massage 200 100 60 mins
Cream Massage 200 100 60 mins
Half Hour Massage 140 70 30 mins
Foot Massage 70 75 30 mins
Head Massage 50 50 30 mins
Moroccan Bath Cost
Traditional Moroccan Bath 50
Hot Oil 10
Face cream 10
Body Cream 30
Al Eldad Tree Herbal 25
Traditional Moroccan Massage 25
Royal Solute 50
Dead Sea Mud 50
Agadir VIP 450
Salon VIP Normal
Shaving & Head Massage 70 40
Shaving Bay Scissors 70 40
Shaving 60 30
Haircuts 60 30
Wax 100 / 30 50 / 10
Beard Henna 45 25
Hair Henna 55 35
Beard Color 35 20
Hair Color 45 30
Hot Oil 70 40
Hair Styling 200 / 60 100 / 20
Hair Relaxer 90 50
Keratin Hair Treatment 1000 / 400 1000 / 400
Skin TreatmentCost
Veneto Facial 300
Royal Facial 200
Silver Facial 100
Manicure 50
Pedicure 50
Foot Spa 50
Hair Removal Cost
Under Arms 40
Arms 70
Half Legs 70
Back 90
Chest & Stomach 120
Legs 120
Under Stomach 130
Full Body 400
Items for Sale Cost
Shower Pad (Lifa) 20
Towel 40
Shorts 30
Lifa, Short & Towel 75

About Us

About Us

Veneto Spa For Men Abu Dhabi has a series of knowledge and experience in the right place and the right time. We will provide services which allow you to remove the burdens of everyday life to live in a state of satisfaction with privacy.

Our motto

Mark your steps in life like walking on the sand, you can not hear its voice, but its impact is clear.

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